maandag 12 februari 2018

Friday 16 February: VROOOM #57


– FASCIA LATA (fr) – dj

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: 6 euro (cash only)
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As you've come to expect from us, there will be three intriguing live acts performing at Vrooom #57; all 3x #solo. Soulful electroacoustic music from Laura Agnusdei. A mind-boggling performance from Karel van der Eijk. Dirar Kalash revisits Vrooom too, this time trading his oud for saxophone and live electronics. 

Laura Agnusdei is a classically trained saxophone player from Bologna. She is currently based in The Hague, where she is studying at the Institute of Sonology. Her compositions feature the saxophone as the main voice within sonic landscapes that shift between melodies and textures, the song form and improvisation. Fusing acoustic, digital and analog sound sources, she creates emotional states that change from track to track. “Night/Lights” is her solo debut cassette released last September via The Tapeworm.


Karel van der Eijk is a visual artist who makes installations in which sound and mechanics have a key role. Some of his installations move with a push of the button, others are played like an instrument by the audience or by the artist himself.
This night he will perform with his hilarious inflatable trumpet(ish) machine: objects are being blown up by fans mounted on a backpack,  breathing is only possible by means of whistling.

INFERNAL MOSQUITOS – Riccardo Marogna (it)
Infernal Mosquitoes is Riccardo Marogna's solo project where he plays tenor saxophone and live electronics to challenge the boundaries between acoustic and digitally generated sounds. His saxophone is modified and hacked with the aid of contact microphones, actuators, pickups and strings attached to its body, resulting in a sort of hybrid device in between a reed instrument, an electric guitar, a percussion and a controller. The result is a concrete, dense sonic matter, where all the nuances of the human-instrument system (breath, metal, skin, water) are amplified and gain a new kind of presence in a pulsating and ever-changing scenario.

Composer/performer/DJ in the making from Paris who is currently based in Den Haag, studying at the Institute Of Sonology. She'll be our DJ for the evening.

donderdag 18 januari 2018

Friday 19 January: VROOOM #56


– RÄS (Nina Hitz, George Dimitriu, Maya Felixbrodt)
– ORPHAX (nl)

location: Pink Pank – Delftsestraat 9, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 end: 00:00 / entrance: 6 euro (cash only)

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Vrooom's 2018 kick-off is a triple serving that includes the transformative acoustic possibilities of electromagnetic fields, deep ambient drones and three proponents of the violin family.

Jasna Veličković is a composer and performer based in Amsterdam. Her recent works such as "Last Song", "Ombre…moi non plus" and "Shadow Studies" focus on sound extension of traditional instruments. Her music often derives from existing musical pieces shadowing or looking awry to the original. Most recently she is building a new performance setup made out of permanent magnets and coils. This project is a new installment of her ongoing artistic research whose aim is the creation of tools that facilitate playing on instruments or objects using the transformative acoustic possibilities of electromagnetic field.

RÄS (Nina Hitz, George Dimitriu, Maya Felixbrodt)
String trio Räs is an improvisation unit that consists of three different players; George Dimitriu (violin), Maya Felixbrodt (viola) and Nina Hitz (Cello).
Räs music does not follow the more obvious interaction that happens when improv musicians meet, it's more like a body of sound that exists in it’s own world, rattling, mumbling and creating an atmosphere. The area of tension in which ras moves ranges from "Wandelweiser" music (an international group of composers/performers founded in 1992 by Dutch-born flautist Antoine Beuger and German violinist Burkhard Schlothauer) to the conceptualism of Cage (pieces like "landscape nr 4 for 12 radio’s"), adding a very personal taste to this approach. All instruments are like radios that are turned on random frequencies, interacting with each other because they are playing in the same space at the same time, but without a conscious knowledge of eachothers' presences.

Orphax aka Sietse van Erve is a minimal ambient and drone music project. In van Erve's music there is a development towards microtonal sounds, where time and spatiality are important factors. A possible result can be a static form of sound where development in the music becomes subordinate to the listener losing any sense of time.


This event is made possible with kind support of Popunie Rotterdam.