woensdag 8 juli 2015

Roodkapje x Vrooom - 13.07.2015

Roodkapje x Vrooom - MONDAY, JULY 13:

This gig event is a special collaboration between Vrooom and Roodkapje. OBNOX has been on top of our combined wishlist for quite some time. Even the singer/guitarist of the supporting band, the black midget mysterions intantly turned into an Obnox fan upon hearing the band for the first time. So in this joint effort, we're stamping the R'n'R ruckus in boldface text on this Monday evening. Expect also some hiphop, and lo-fi ish soul for good measure!location: ROODKAPJE – Teilingerstraat 128, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / start: 20:30 / entrance: €5

■ OBNOX (us)

The legacy of Ohio garage rock titan Lamont “Bim” Thomas is long and skuzzy. The Bassholes, his ’90s duo with Gibson Bros. member Don Howland, were nailing the two-person blues-rock archetype long before various color-coded regional ensembles rode it to fame. After moving to Cleveland in the early aughts, he played drums with bluesy post-hardcore innovators This Moment In Black History, and he now keeps time for the Columbus pigfuck blitzkrieg known as the Unholy Two. All of those acts are still active, but Thomas’ main gig in recent years has been the one that took him out from behind the drum kit. As Obnox, he’s churned out three LPs and a bounty of EPs and singles this decade, each one further cementing his reputation as the world’s premier purveyor of soulful lo-fi shit-kicking rock music. 'Boogalou Reed', his new LP on Gerard Cosloy’s (co steward of Matador records) 12XU label, is yet another crusher.
(text culled from Stereogum)


Apart from someone writing something about a recent B.M.F.T.F. gig, little is known about them, but neither is their identity still shrouded in mystery. Rooted in pop/indie/garage, this distinguished quartet's unpolished sound is an outlet, to do away with its frustrations and general boredom.

We've asked these music freaks to tagteam: Multifunctionelis will bring old skool hiphop and trashy weirdo garage. DJ Sajjra will play roughed up Peruvian folk, bits of new/no wave, and other South American psych stuff.

Made possible with the support of Popunie Music Support Rotterdam and Fonds Podiumkunsten. Thanks to WORM for providing accommodation.

donderdag 2 juli 2015

VROOOM #28 @ Worm



With temperatures expected to soar as high as 30+ degrees, it's going to be about choices this day. Trading the outside for an evening of otherworldly immersion, Vrooom #28 sees Dutch composer Jozef van Wissem teaming up with Domingo Garcia-Huidobro of Föllakzoid; tapping into reconstructions of paranormal experiences. Also on the program: instant composing fromThe Flipside Paradox, and the Rotterdam premiere by Malaysian/French/Dutch Freunschaft Goh / Ottavi / Simonis.

location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
doors: 20:00 / start: 20:30 / curfew: tba / entrance: €6
Subbacultcha! members: free



'Partir to Live' (2012) is a non-narrative film experience in sensations, ethical confusion, and in physical and psychic bruises, directed by Domingo Garcia-Huidobro of the Chilean cosmic music band FÖLLAKZOID (Sacred Bones). Jozef van Wissem’s score for the film consists of a 12-string electric guitar drone, black baroque lute mirror images, and minimal electronics. Garcia-Huidobro is an aficionado of paranormal experiences. 'Partir to Live' sees him attempting to reconstruct the previous moments of what could have been one of these episodes. High-tension cables, a forest, an abandoned church, a barefoot woman; past, present and future become confused, a dissolved reality. 'Partir to Live' premiered internationally at ATP Festival in Camber Sands UK. It has screened at over a dozen more festivals since, including the Brussels Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival. Sacred Bones Records released the DVD and soundtrack LP together.

Initiated by Goh Lee Kwang, this is the first Rotterdam performance during first European tour of this trio.
– GOH LEE KWANG (Mixer Feedback) aka GOH is an acclaimed sound & new media artist from Malaysia. Goh's works focuses on the various possibilities of both the realistic & abstract; crossing the boundaries of digital & analog, electronic & acoustic, beyond the realm of language, allowing audiences to experience the work directly, and in their own personal way.
– JULIEN OTTAVI (Percussion, electronics) A mediactivist, artist-researcher, composer / musician, poet and destroyer of tongues, experimental film maker and 'anarchitect', founder and member of Apo33; Julien Ottavi is involved in research and creative work, combining sound art, real-time video, new technologies and body performances.
– LUKAS SIMONIS (Electric Guitar, electronics) One of the Vrooom head honchos, needs no further introduction.

Instant composing from Eindhoven to Gent. Jazz, improv, visceral soundscapes, and melodies are being turned inside out in this clash between veteran musicians and new blood of the Southern Dutch and Belgian / Flemish scenes. Unpredictability is key to experiencing The Flipside Paradox. The core group consists of Bart Maris (trumpet), Niels Duffhues (guitar), Lieven van Pée (bas), Luk Sponselee (electronica) en Bert Hornikx (drums).

maandag 15 juni 2015



SATURDAY,  JUNE 20, 2015:

– CUMBIA COSMONAUTS (au) feat. Nique Quentin & Javier Infestas

...had some issues slowing us down recently, one of our computers went kaput, etc, but we're back... back at lovely Post Office. Vrooom #27 is a couple three: there's two duo performances: 'newbies' Laurens van der Wee and gauchito Javier Areal Vélez, and there's veterans Philippe Petit and Mia Zabelka, who share wavelengths during their violin/voice/turntable set...
and we have Cumbia Cosmonauts all the way from Austrialia, with strong percussion by homeboys Nique Quentin and Javier Infestas, hurling you into cosmic cumbia heaven! Latest addition; our own Duckfood will be dj'ing, bridging sets before, inbetween and after!

location: POST OFFICE - Vijverhofstraat 100
doors: 20:30 / entrance: €6


■ CUMBIA COSMONAUTS (au) featuring Nique Quentin & Javier Infestas
Moses Iten is the solo incarnation of Cumbia Cosmonauts from Melbourne; the leading innovators of the global Cumbia Digital and Tropical Bass scenes. Their signature aesthetic is a combination of the infectious Colombian/Caribbean offbeat rhythm with warm dub bass lines, sweeping synthesizers and driving beats, enhanced by an explosive live performance featuring improvisation, guest musicians and visuals. Fun side note: their music has been featured in the soundtrack of Grammy-Award winning Argentine TV drama 'El Puntero'.
[Update 13 June]: we're pleased to announce the addition of both NIQUE QUENTIN (de) and JAVI INFESTAS (es) as Cumbia Cosmonauts' percussionists for this show, adding that extra pepper to the live sound! Both Nique and Javier are active in the local turbo cumbia outfit Los Paja Brava.


Mia Zabelka and Philippe Petit are two established artists who engage in a fresh duo live performance at Vrooom. Their track records span countless collaborations with e.g. Pauline Oliveros, Dälek, Lydia Lunch, Iancu Dumitrescu, Faust, Murcof, etc. Mia Zabelka frames her musical language on the violin through her bodily gestures and voice, i.e. physical movement is spontaneously transformed into sound. Philippe Petit assaults his turntables and vinyls (containing sounds from his own productions), raking the needle across the record's grooves, cardboard, metal, and other materials to process unusual noises and textures.

Laurens van der Wee is in an ongoing love/hate relationship with technology. This struggle is the source of all projects he pursued since 2007; improvised (electronic) music with e.g. Galm Quartet, Tjong Pow, and installations that reflect his ambivalent position towards technology. Laurens' work has been published on DIY labels such as Wachsender Prozess. Javier Areal Vélez is an Argentinian composer / improviser who performs mostly on electric guitar, relying on a primal technique that emphasizes timbre and rhythm, and avoids traditional forms in favor of intensity, dynamic contrast and general weirdness. Next to his his many projects ranging from improv to noise/postpunk to bizarre pop, Vélez also runs 'Noise Nada', an archive of recent Argentinian experimental music.

donderdag 11 juni 2015


SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015:

ETHER SNUIVEN is an event organised by VROOOM's Lukas Simonis. Since much of the subject matter at this event will be presented in Dutch, so is this transcript:

ETHER SNUIVEN is de etherische performance/installatie/radiowaves live show van WORM in innige samenwerking met Klangendum (*).
Een selectie van 3 groepen artiesten/kunstenaars die het gebruik van de 'ether' als canvas gemeen hebben, worden door Ether Snuiven / Klangendum uitgenodigd om rond het thema een presentatie te doen; dat kan zijn op radiofonische wijze; het maken van experimentele geluidsstukken voor 'toegepast' gebruik, maar het kunnen ook kunstwerken of installaties zijn die van de ether gebruik maken om een unieke, tijdgebonden performance te maken. Het programma van deze 2e aflevering bestaat uit het Poolse 'brain beam' project van MUOZIK, het Belgische duo BLAASTAAL en de Nederlandsche radiofonist MARTIJN COMES.

Presentatie: Dr. Klangendum

(*) Klangendum organiseert, produceert en host projecten op allerlei gebied; zowel in de vorm van eigenzinnige educatie en participatie projecten, alsook geluids- en radiokunst, en de daaraan gerelateerde live evenementen. Klangendum belichaamt een groot netwerk van musici, geluidskunstenaars, beeldende kunstenaars, filmakers, schrijvers, dichters en nieuwe media artiesten.

location: WORM – Boomgaardsstraat 71
doors: 19:30 / curfew: 22:30 / entree: €7

BLAASTAAL (be) – radiofonische live geluidscollage
Al tien jaar lang doopt Blaastaal (aka Bert Lezy) zijn antennes in de auditieve ruis van onze cultuur. Iedereen die uit zijn of haar nek lult op radio, tv of alle mogelijke geluidsdragers moet er aan geloven. Door middel van collage en improvisatie wordt de taal opgeblazen en binnenstebuiten gedraaid. Dit resulteert in wekelijkse uizendingen op Radio Centraal in Antwerpen, podcasts en kleine uitgaves op CD-r en cassette (o.a. Kerm en Taped Sounds. Een vinyl uitgave bij het gelauwerde Ultra Eczema is ook in de maak. Samen met kompaan Tomas Beaujean (electronica) komt Blaastaal bij Ether Snuiven knippen en plakken met Nederlandse stukjes ether.

MUOZIK (pl) – performance / installatie 'Sewage'
'Sewage' staat voor een gebied van overtollige informatie; het riool waar uiteindelijk alle impulsen van de locatie van de performance in terechtkomen. De luisteraars hebben de mogelijkheid om informatie te bewerken met behulp van video projectoren die via computers die op het internet aangesloten zijn. Het resultaat is een soort 'polylog' - een verklaring van elk aanwezige individu. In eigen woorden: “SEWAGE is a territory of excess information, a place in which all impulses from the event's space end up, from all the participants. The listeners have the possibility to edit information using video projectors with computers that are connected to the internet. The result is a polylog - a statement from each person. polilog is space for brain beam...”

MARTIJN COMES & ANNETTE KOUWENHOVEN – radiofonisch hoorspel met teksten van dichter MARTIN REINTS (nl)
Unieke samenwerking tussen Martijn Comes, Martin Reints en Annette Kouwenhoven. De gedichten van Martin Reints worden gecombineerd met een in de WORM / Klangendum ontwikkelde live soundtrack van (electronica) componist Martijn Comes. Als klankbron zal Martijn gebruik maken van o.a. eigen geluidsontwerp, de mogelijkheden van de WORM studio en diverse veldopnamen. Helaas kon Martin zelf niet aanwezig zijn op juist deze avond, en zal actrice Annette Kouwenhoven met haar stem de honneurs waarnemen. Dit radiofonische hoorspel wordt later dit jaar door Dr. Klangendum via de Concertzender uitgezonden.


• Martin Reints (1950)
Publiceert bij De Bezige Bij. Bracht o.a. vijf dichtbundels uit: 'Waar ze komt daar is ze' (1981), 'Lichaam en ziel' (1992) (bekroond met de Herman Gorterprijs), 'Tussen de gebeurtenissen' (2000), 'Ballade van de winstwaarschuwing' (2005) en 'Lopende zaken' (2010). Hij werd in 2001 en 2006 genomineerd voor de VSB Poëzieprijs, en heeft een column op de site van De Groene Amsterdammer.

• Annette Kouwenhoven (1956)
Actrice die sinds 1983 deel uitmaakt van het contestante 'Maatschappij Discordia'; een klein toneelgezelschap dat probeert de grens tussen schijn en werkelijkheid op te rekken.

• Martijn Comes (1979)
Componist gespecialiseerd in nieuwe media, sound design en elektro-akoestische compositie. Curaterend producent en gastheer van twee nationale radioshows; 'Kraak Helder' en 'Inventions voor Radio' (Concertzender). Studeerde aan de Academie voor Digital Communications en compositie voor Film aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2010) en schreef diverse werken op basis van onderzoek in de populaire muziek, hedendaagse muziek en klassieke muziek. Recente solo albums: 'Infinite Spaces and Beyond' (2014) en 'Wolf' (2015).

vrijdag 24 april 2015


SATURDAY, MAY 2, 2015:


– DJ SAJJRA (pe)

DE PLAYER will be spooning us this evening while we're regaining our balance after our exit from our main location, Klooster. Business will center around the ultra detailed, pleasantly derailed interplay between bass, drums, sax and peformance art. Corsano and Rasmussen will be pushing the limits of the classic sax/drums set-up, Jacquemyn and Almeida will be doing the same with their bottom ends. Visual artist Ieke Trinks will add that extra pinch of variety.

location: DE PLAYER - Hillelaan 49d, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / curfew: 01:00 / entrance: €6


You're in for a premier league live set from these two! If you haven't witnessed Chris Corsano's playing by now, you have been sorely missing out. The extremely multifaceted drummer has been operating at the vanguards of free improvisation, avant-rock, and noise since the late '90s. He has worked with one-of-a-kind artists such Evan Parker, Sir Richard Bishop, Nels Cline, Björk, and Jandek, and showcased his high energy, textural playing in the Rotterdam live circuit on several occasions before, performing with Paul Flaherty, and others. Mette Rasmussen is a Danish saxophone player with an impressive track record. She operates from Trondheim, Norway. Drawing from the energy of free jazz, her playing has been described as a head full of ideas, that she executes to the maximum.

Rotterdam's most productive double bassman Gonçalo Almeida teams up with Belgium's Peter Jacquemyn for an exploration of the bottom ends. Peter moves beautifully between visual arts and music. As a sculptor he assaults tree trunks with axe and chainsaw, and his concerts are a sonic match: with unbridled energy he wrestles his double bass using bows, soda cans, plastic bags, crumpled paper, mutes, horns, retuned strings... All of this ranges Peter Jacquemyn among Belgium's most interesting improvisers.

Rotterdam based visual artist whose live art is made manifest in different ways. As a solo performer, she has run through a large stack of copy paper, tossing it into the air, or used her breath to blow dry a piece of tissue paper. For Trinks performance art sometimes shares characteristics with the musical score. In other live actions she has solicited audience involvement. She once emptied the bag of an audience member by placing the items carefully onto the floor of a gallery space in Brazil. Trinks organizes Performance Art Event (PAE) in Rotterdam and works in collaboration with the improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER.

■ DJ SAJJRA (pe)
DJ Sajjra, Co-founder of the Aloardi collective from Lima / Peru, will play a crossbreed of roughed up, processed Andean folk, Peruvian chicha cumbia, bits of new/no wave, post-apocalyptic pop, basically all kinds of obscure but very very tasteful South American stuff from the sixties til now. This stuff will surely get you going one way or another!
Check out some of Sajjra's picks here:

Review VROOOM #25 - 18.04.2015 - Incendiary Mag

"And the atmosphere. The room loved him, clapped along, went as silent as a mouse when he dropped the tone. What a gig. Frankly this could have gone on all night. Vrooom! should have kidnapped him and forced him to stay for the week." Review by Incendiary Mag.


vrijdag 3 april 2015



VROOOM #25 w/
– BLAAST (Lali Barrière & Alfredo Costa Monteiro)
+ DJ Multifunctionelis (nl)

FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1582988291938315/

Our 25th! The coolest artist to come out of Denmark in years and an experimental folk artist from Newcastle? The live sets of Frisk Frugt and Richard Dawson should floor everyone, but if that's not enough, there's the musical itchings of mathematician Lali Barrière and veteran soundartist Alfredo Costa Monteiro (aka Blaast), and let's not forget the 'Muito Bam Bam' tunage of DJ Multifunctionelis!

We've relocated our 25th event to a new place in Rotterdam:
!!! location: POST OFFICE (P-O) !!!
address: Vijverhofstraat 100, Rotterdam
doors: 20:30 / curfew: 01:00 / entrance: €6 / Subbacultcha! members: free


Frisk Frugt is Anders Lauge Meldgaard, a Danish multi-instrumentalist / composer with a kaleidoscope of musical inspiration at his command. Frisk Frugt emerged out of Copenhagen's influential experimental music collective yoyooyoy, where he was involved in numerous projects. On the back of these achievements, Anders delved deep into folkloric Denmark and went on to absorb the thrilling musical happenings in Mali and Burkina Faso. His most recent album "Den Europæriske Spejlbue", documents this; we can vividly imagine captain Anders, best of the class, setting sail for music’s uncharted universe with boundless curiosity: Danish folksong, European baroque, psych, avant-garde and pop music get beautifully collaged together. A one man post-digital fantasy orchestra, and one of our personal highlights of the year!

Songs. Bloody good songs with a twist, that's what mister Dawson is about. Richard is a guitar player / songwriter from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. His repertoire is a far cry from the plague of whiny singer-songwriters infesting the planet. Only a few people outside Newcastle had a clue who Richard was some three years ago, but after a couple of great albums and many highly acclaimed live performances, he's being embraced by press and fans alike. Listen to his intense, discordant and captivating reconfiguration of English folk and guitar traditions. Chances are you'll be a fan in an instant.

BLAAST (Lali Barrière & Alfredo Costa Monteiro | es/pt)
The music of the duo sound/visual art veterans Lali Barrière and Alfredo Costa Monteiro promises to be a delicate electro-acoustic affair. It is roughly based on continuous, overlapping sounds that slowly evolve, eventually forming an intense, time stretching sonic mass that is rich in harmonics... the music of the duo resembling a journey out of time.

Low Point Drains bandmember who is mostly away from R'dam, business tripping in Southeast Asia. He will do some super fun “Muito Bam Bam" DJ'ing; rough but dancable Afro-via-India-via-Sri Lanka tunage mixed up with bits of jarring avant stuff.

With kind support by Popunie